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Creating A Web Presence For The Non-Technical Author, Entrepreneur

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Not everyone has a bottomless bank account or endless resources at their fingertips. By now, we’ve all heard about the simplicity of blogging and social networking through popular interfaces like Blogger, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. For the “starving author or entrepreneur” so-to-speak, there are some very simple things you can do online to begin building a web presence, making it easy for others to locate and communicate with you; and for you to communicate with others.I call these tips simple answers for the non-technical author and entrepreneur to get noticed. (I’m a big fan of do-it-yourself endeavors.) Here’s a list of quick ideas I’ve found helpful:I strongly encourage authors and entrepreneurs to check out these services:1. Google Places: If you don’t know about this nifty service, you should. If you have a business STREET ADDRESS, then rush on over and get listed in Google Places. By doing so, when people look you up by your organization’s name, the first listing that will pop up will be your STREET ADDRESS. But that’s not all, you also get to add a business description, your web address, phone number, up to four YouTube Videos, operating hours and other useful info. All of which will help you BE FOUND on the web. If a person clicks the address, it immediately brings up map and driving direction options. If you also happen to have Google Earth installed on your computer, you can take that search to the NEXT VIRTUAL LEVEL and visit the doorstep of any business on the planet. (Yahoo, Bing and other search engines have this service as well. Google, however, seems to be a forerunner in this area.)2. Google Sites: Did you know you could create a FREE (Ad Free) website using Google Sites? No gimmicks or tricks, really. The sites you create are real simple, template based, and customizable. I played around with this feature some months ago, and may come back to it later. I’m learning that it doesn’t hurt to have more than one website giving SEO these days. There all kinds of things you could do with a service like this to enhance your presence on the web. I haven’t done anything official here, but have tried out the service.3. Google Profile: Now this service is really cool. It gives you the ability to add a website profile page. Why is it so great? Well, it’s another way you can be found in the search engines. You choose what is listed AND who can see it. I include on business information in my profile.4. Google Calendar: In my opinion, this is the best calendar on the web. You can share your calender with specific people; keep it private (your eyes only); Share it with a specific group of people or integrate it with your website. I use Google Calendar for my personal and business scheduling. You can allow others to add events to your calendar, share the calendar with someone, set reminders that shoot emails your way and more!5. Google Voice: By far, this is the most EXCITING addition to the Google suite so far for me. Google Voice is your personal virtual phone number. Weird, but worth it. They give you a free LOCAL PHONE NUMBER that is attached to your Google account that enables you to make actual phone calls, setup voicemail, send and receive text messages, and receive voicemail by email. There are no words to express how innovative this service is.I’ve only introduced you to five of my favorite Google applications for personal or business use. I use a host of other Google services like webmaster tools and such. There are tons of others that you can tap into on this journey of getting seen and heard on the web as well! If ever there was a company to follow in your “World Wide Web” endeavors, this is one to keep your eye on… and NO, I do not work for Google! I’m just a woman who happens to love electronics and technology like some love clothes and shoes.Theresa is the apostle and founder of Voices of Christ Literary Ministries International, and the author of “The Scribal Anointing Series.”There’s one more that I must mention. It’s called Google Dashboard. You can sign in and manage all of your active Google applications from one place! In other words, if you’re using the applications mentioned above, you can sign into your dashboard to see your latest activities, explore new features, remove services and more from one spot.These guys have thought of everything! Enjoy!Copyright 2010 Theresa Harvard Johnson

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April 15, 2016 at 11:01 am